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What exactly is TaggedBack?

  • It connects people that find items with the people that lost them.

  • It is an online database where you can store information about your belongings.

  • Best of all, it is and always will be free to use.

How do I know TaggedBack is awesome?

  • DreamHost Site of the Month December 2010 Originality contest winner.

  • "I recommend the website Tagged Back. It allows you to catalog your

  • belongings which allows for easier return if they are lost."

  • Jose M. - ChaCha Guide

  • "TaggedBack gives me the peace of mind that if I misplace my stuff

  • there's a good chance it will be returned."

  • Kev Zettler -

  • "Such a site lets people have the peace of mind that comes from

  • knowing their items will be returned if they go missing."

  • Review -

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